How GDPR improves email marketing

Most people don’t know what GDPR really means and why its considered important for every company to have it. GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation and you need the approval for all clients in order to use his data.

But how does GDPR helps email marketing? GDPR is maybe the best thing that ever happened to marketing the last couple of years! With GDPR we’ve seen the percentage of competitive theft from your lists that you are trying to build in the right way, getting lower as many people tent to stole these lists or buy them. You may have also noticed that spam emails have also decreased dramatically the last couple of years.

That is because your personal data are much more protected with GDPR than they used to be. The goal of email marketing is to build trust to consumers as people who share their data may become your clients at some time.

You may have built a smaller list now with current or possible future clients but it will be consisted from people that want to hear from you and what you have to say – and that builds a stronger relationship between consumer and businesses. And that’s what makes email marketing effective.

We suggest email marketing, as people who don’t use it loose the opportunity to communicate effectively with their audience and build a trusting relationship.