Why you should use social media for your SEO strategy

Did you know that Europeans spend an average of 1 hour and 53 minutes on their social media? Whilst North Americans seems to be the most addicted with an average spending of 3h and 29 minutes. Have you ever asked yourself or friends how much time do you spend on social media?

Because when you do I am sure, you’ll be surprised of the results. Social media is the new way of life and we need not only to get used of it, but also to get advantage of them. Because that’s why they were initially invented: to bring people closer and make communications much easier. And whether we like it or not, it seems that Google has the same opinion!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’s algorithm, promotes websites that are also engaged on social media. The reason behind of this algorithm is because SEO wants to give accurate and relevant results to users. It is safer to have an updated content promoted from social beings than a nameless and faceless website isn’t it? Therefore, as a business owner or marketer or anyone who wants to stay up to date, the most engaged you are with your audience the most likely you’ll see your website first in SEO rankings too.

Imagine building your PR strategy, but online –  if you are connected with people you have more possibilities to bring in new customers in. And Google is your stage. Your website’s metrics count and every single click on your website is recorded in SEO which pays you back: the more clicks you have, the better your ranking is.
Besides, 2020 was the year of online communication! Digital platforms and social media was our only way of communication and it seems that social media are here to stay. Will you stay behind?